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A little about us

Sarah Churchill

Whilst Victoria Hall have become known as Gippsland’s premier location for premium retail flowers, our roots are actually in the wedding world.

Owner, Sarah Churchill has spent 10 years working in the wedding industry. First as a planner and stylist and then training as a wedding florist.

Working with flowers is kind of providential believes Sarah. Her parents ran a micro flower farm from the tiny riverside location of Valencia Creek throughout the 70’s. Each week they would hitch a horse to an old-fashioned flower cart and trundle into the local township of Maffra to sell blooms to eager shoppers. When it came to raising their family it was with a large rambling garden and afternoons spent outside climbing trees and picking armfuls of garden blooms.

Sarah is a qualified project and event manager, a trained professional stylist and a highly skilled florist. Along with her incredibly talented team, Sarah’s passion is creating stunning settings that become the backdrop for lifetime memories.

In 2018 Sarah and her husband purchased Victoria Hall, the beautiful French Renaissance property that is now home to our studio, retail store and venue The Ballroom.

Style Statement

Our signature style is sophisticated and elegant. Its bold and always romantic. We love to incorporate a dash of drama and whimsy. We use premium seasonal blooms in layered colour palettes.
We love to design with strong grouped blooms and organic edges.
We draw inspiration from couture fashion houses, interior design trends and the timeless elegance of European architecture.

Wedding Planning Help

We aren’t sure why, but when it comes to getting information about wedding pricing and packages vendors are notoriously tight lipped.

In fact it is easier to cost out a vacation to a remote island off the coast of North Africa than it is to price out a wedding!

So, we have decided to buck the trend and make be as open as we possibly can about options for your wedding flowers. Grab a coffee and let’s get planning…

Ready to take the next step and work together?